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Blairstown High School Alumni Association

     The Blairstown High School Alumni Association was established in December of 1955 whose general object was “to reunite the graduates and former students of the school for the promotion of the general welfare of the town, school, and surrounding community.”  We hold an annual reunion which incorporates dinner and a brief meeting on the last Saturday in June.


     Due to the bequest of a former graduate, we award an annual scholarship, currently $2,000, available to graduating seniors who are direct descendants of an alumni. Please consider a bequest in your will to help us continue this scholarship.


     The dictionary defines an alumnus as a person who has attended or graduated from a school. For Blairstown High School this includes anyone up to 1975.  Over the years we have lost touch with many alumni so if you are not currently receiving an invitation please contact us via email and we will add you to our mailing list.

Board of Trustees

Bob Sydrock, President

Sal Simonetti, Vice President

Nancy VanSyckle, Secretary/Treasurer

Barbara Quinn, trustee

Clarinda Stoffels, trustee

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