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  Annual Meeting Minutes:

 The 63rd annual Blairstown High School Alumni Reunion was held June 29, 2019 at Belvidere Manor. Sixty- three alumni and their guests enjoyed an hour of cocktails and hor d’oeuvres. Alumni were welcomed byPresident Robert Sydrock who then recognized a special guest, Marie Sweet, wife of former teacher Jack Sweet and longtime president of the alumni association, Lester Shotwell.


A moment of silence was observed for deceased alumni: Frank Squeri ’39, Ernest Billow ’40, Elizabeth Hezel Johnson ’42, Robert Beegle ’43, Victoria Kozimor Perini ’44, Grace Rich Range ’44, Shirley Newbaker McCracken ’46, Lawrence Vass ’47, Greta Hezel Crisman ’48, Blanche Titman Kelly ’50, Leon Kot ’50, Joan Pilewski Cook ’50, Louise Sprague Lambert ’52,Donald Meshach ’52, Shirley Huff Moore ’52, Charles Rowe ’54, Charles Catalano ’57, Diana Shipps Demund ’59, Lena Meshach Keyser ’60, Ronald Cook ’63, John Klaver ’65, Howard Schwarz ’67, G. Richard Cook ’67, Jon Thomas Cramer ’68, Gary Barker ’69, Nancy Burdge Drake ’69 and Thomas Gross, former teacher.


Following the invocation by Jerry Labar, a family style dinner was served.


A 50/50 was conducted throughout the evening with four winners of $50 each along with door prizes donated by Donna Nodzak ‘70 and the Runway Café, Buzzwerks, Blairstown Diner, Ken Bertholf ‘74, and alumni officers.


President Robert Sydrock opened the meeting and introduced the other officers: Sal Simonetti, Vice President and Nancy VanSyckle, Secretary/ Treasurer and the trustees: Barbara Quinn and Clarinda Gouger. As there were no nominations for officers a motion was made and seconded to retain the current slate.


President Sydrock reported that a tour was conducted Saturday morning of the elementary school by Superintendent Saalfield. The treasurer reported we currently have funds in the investment fund to continue the scholarship for another 7 years.


The secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting followed by the roll call of attending alumni: ’42 - Lillian Linaberry Sydrock, ’43 - William Beegle, ElizabethLatteman Beegle, ’50 - Fanchon Sears Lambert , ’53 - Ellen Beegle Costa, Carolyn Biles Simonetti, ’54 - Alice Frutchey Lockburner, Betty Bender Carpenter, Seren "Jack" Skow, Salvatore Simonetti, ’57 -Jay Katzenstein, Robert Berry, Barbara Chammings, ’58 - Mary Jane Katzenstein Nemeth, Judy Ackerson Trinca, ’58 - Brice Christian, Robert Sandberg, ’59 - Lester Shotwell, Rosemary McMullen Wilson, MarilynJones Christian, ’60 - Virginia Belcher Gardner, Fred Gouger, Joanne Grandin Oleszek, Josephine ShusterLabar, Barbara Stoffels, ’61 - Gerald Labar, ’62 - Phil Zabowski, ’63 - Michael Pryslak, ’64 - Gary Rydell, ’65- John Whipple, ’66 - Barbara Stankowitz Quinn, Gerald Chrusz, ’67 - Judy Brown Rydell, T. Robert Sydrock,Clarinda Gouger Stoffels, ’68 - Sara Gouger Budd, ’69 - Jerry Ferrari, Dolly Sliker Ferrari, Milly Castonguay Rice, Kenneth Chrusz, Karen Muller Miller, Kerry King, William Nodzak, Beverly Ackerson Dwyer, Richard Lambert, Patricia Guiler Shaffer, Dorothy Erd Nurge, Steven Gramberg, Maria Rossi VanKirk, Karen KiseKohler, Thomas Bennett, Robert DeBlock, ’70 - Sharon VanSyckle Kise, William Kise, Nancy VanSyckle, ’71- Gail Keogh-Dwyer, James Erd, Beverly Lambert, Eloise Jones Raymond, Kenneth Shaffer, Faye Maring,’74 - Michael Pagano, Roddy Kise. Prizes were awarded to Lillian Linaberry Sydrock ’42 as the oldest alumni in attendance, along with Roddy Kise ’74 as the youngest and Kerry King ’69 who traveled the farthest from Colorado. The secretary then announced this year’s scholarship recipient, Bryann Hartig, great granddaughter of Blanche Hill Barrett ’32 and granddaughter of Ann Barrett Hartig ’71. She will beattending the University of Minnesota. 


President Sydrock introduced Christine Beegle from the Blairstown     Historical Preservation Committee who gave a presentation on the Blairstown School building which is celebrating its 90th year. Following the drawing for the 50/50 and door prizes, Jay Labar led the alumni in singing the alma mater.

Before adjourning the meeting, President Sydrock asked for a show of hands for those who would be in favor of the reunion being held earlier in the day but there were few hands. The meeting was then adjourned, and guests continued to reminisce and dance to the sounds of DJ “dug” and will meet again on June 27, 2020.

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